About P2P Benchmarking.com

P2PBenchmarking.com is the UK's first freely available benchmarking platform dedicated to providing key UK metrics for P2P teams looking to compare their performance to their UK peers as they aspire to best-in-class status.

To date, UK finance departments have had to use benchmarking data primarily sourced from the US. Whilst the operations are fundamentally similar, country practices, governance and cost structures mean that UK companies have been unable to obtain meaningful comparisons to their closest peers.

The aim of this website is to provide a platform for P2P professionals right here in the UK to enable them to measure and assess their performance against similar finance functions, helping them to achieve their own best performance.

This site is powered and supported by FISCAL Technologies.

Who is FISCAL Technologies?

Established in 2003, FISCAL Technologies is the world's leading provider of accounts payable forensic software for corporations and government organisations to protect spend, reduce risk, cut costs and improve processes.

FISCAL has worked with over 250 customers across both public and private sectors to build protection and prevention into their Accounts Payable practices, by using our AP Forensics® suite. Working closely with our clients has included helping them to identify ways for them to run more efficient and effective procure-to-pay departments, focusing specifically on four core areas:

  1. Policies & Procedures
  2. Utilisation of Technologies
  3. Performance Metrics & Measures
  4. People

The demand to create a UK-specific benchmarking platform came from our customers—customers who wanted to assess their performance over time and against peer organisations but were using data from various sources and countries.

We are pleased to be launching this service for the benefit of the UK P2P community and hope to be able welcome partners to co-manage and sponsor this site going forward.